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Birthday letter from Grandmaa Giraffe to Bugs and Cuddles!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Dear Bugs and Cuddles,

On your 8th birthday, I'm leaving you both a note behind. I may not survive and be there when you celebrate your birthday. As your granny, I am growing old and don't know how many more days I have left.

By the time you reach the age of 8, I'm pretty sure you will be able to read and write without the assistance of your parents.

I would like to share a secret wisdom with you as a gift this day. The wisdom I share is a trick that, if you apply it in your life, will turn your day happy, no matter how unhappy the circumstance is!

This magical wisdom will cheer you up even if your granny isn't beside you to do so. When you smile after witnessing the magic of this wisdom, I will be extremely happy to see that the age-old wisdom I learned through life is working.

So let me tell you a secret - No matter how worse the situation you are currently facing in life, and no matter how worse you might think your life is getting, just tell yourself this one thing - "SO WHAT? MY LIFE IS YET SO WONDERFUL!"

This line will help you see life with a different perspective. This line has the power to make you feel only happy and nothing otherwise.

Know, dear Bugs and Cuddles, the words you feed your brain, your brain actually starts experiencing them. When you use this trick in real life, you shall see the magic!

**Bugs and Cuddles smiled reading this letter, which was beautifully written in cursive, folded neatly, and tucked inside an envelope.

They knew the wisdom shared with them by their Granny is more precious than any other gift they received this birthday!

Yes, Bugs and Cuddles aren't twins, but their birthday coincidently falls on the same day :)


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