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Can Jealousy ever win?

Once upon a time Bugs and Cuddles found two of their elephant friends Calm & Smile fighting over the fact who is stronger than the another.

Bugs founds this completely strange to see Calm & Smile fight. He couldn’t stand between them & quickly his brain came up with an idea to end this fight between his friends forever.

He took both his friends and Cuddles along to the central location of the forest where a huge but a old and strong Banayan tree was situated. As this tree was too old its branched had now become weak and would drop down over animals every now and then. This things Bugs knew as he heard Mumma Panda and Cuddles talking about it the other day.

So he asked Calm and Smile to individually try & cut the tree with their strength. In order to help other animals who could die coming under it.

Both of them struggled individually to do so. They eventually got breathless.

Smile, then asked Calm the elephant to help him out as he did’nt want any casualties to occur in jungle and any animal to get injured by the tree.

Calm the elephant quickly got up and on the count of one, two and three both raced with equal force to kick the tree.

The tree broke at once and now they could see its strong roots uprooted which made the task difficult.

Cuddled then said “Calm & Smile you both are powerful together and you did this task finally!” “Hurray” yelled Bugs!

Smile and Bugs from that day on learnt a wonderful lesson that strength is in unity and not in individuality! Their bonds eventually grew deeper just like the banyan trees roots forever!


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