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Short story- Consistency that creates magic!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

A short story cover picture describing how to grow your child's foundation strong
How to build your roots and grow your foundation strong.

Mumma Giraffe was gardening when Bugs and Cuddles came back home from playing to freshen up.

Bugs complained to Cuddles that he didn’t want to sit back home & study. Instead, he will start studying as the exam date come near.

Mumma Giraffe wasn’t much happy overhearing this conversation as they were too loud near the garden area. She called both of them in the garden and asked them to find the strongest living creature they see in the garden.

Bugs and Cuddles started to see across the garden they saw creepers, lemon grass, and potted flowers like roses and periwinkle.

Then Cuddles saw the trees which were at the outskirts fence Mango, Jamun, and Coconut trees were there.

They quickly told Mumma Giraffe that out of all the plants they see the trees were the strongest!

Mumma Girrafe then replied, “ Yes, the trees are the strongest you are right but do you know why?”

“Why?” replied the kids curiously.

“Because they take the longest time to grow. It takes them around 5-6 years just to build their roots strong and even grow tall & strong!

And also if you see Bugs and Cuddles trees would be the only living creature in this garden that will stay here for long. Yes, the creepers grew tall & far within 6 months. Even all the flowers you see in this garden will bloom for a day and then disappear.

The only thing that took years to build its foundation strong is the trees.

Bugs and Cuddles realized how overnight success is actually a failure & consistency is the key to life-long success.

Mumma Giraffe then said- “All are successful plants, flowers, and trees you have to make choice Bugs and Cuddles like which ones you wish to grow!”

Bugs immediately said- “I shall get back to study because I choose to be as strong as a tree.” and Cuddles joined him!

Moral of the story- Consistency builds you strong.

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