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Short Story- How Stress can ruin your life!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Bugs and Cuddles had their final exams coming up in the next 15 days.

Bugs had already completed studying his entire syllabus, whereas Cuddles still had to sit and learn the concepts from scratch as she had missed quite a few lectures due to illness.

Bugs felt super stressed whenever he came back from school and sat down to study. He was so stressed that he couldn't concentrate on revisions.

On the other hand, Cuddles struggled with learning new concepts every day but didn't give up until she met the small study targets that she set for the day.

Soon, the examination day arrived, and both friends took their exams. Now it was the result day!

Cuddles' name was written on the class board as she had scored the highest in her class. When Bugs checked his results, he was astonished to see that he had scored average marks!

Bugs was extremely mad at himself for scoring poorly, but he was proud of Cuddles for scoring the highest, even though she had missed many lectures due to her bad health.

Do you know why Cuddles came first?

It's because she didn't waste her time stressing out; instead, she used her time to the fullest. On the other hand, Bugs wasted 15 days stressing out so much that he forgot the concepts he had already learned!

That's what stress does to us - it makes us go blank and lose the things we already know.

Moral of the story: Stress is your worst enemy!

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