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Short Story- How to build respect amongst your friends and teachers!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The cunning fox was once everyone's favourite at school. Every teacher loved him, and all his friends had dear respect for him.

Every little child in our school used to look up to him. But then, why did his name change to Cunning Fox? This question arose in Bugs & Cuddles' minds as they were sharing it with Miss Happy during their lunch break.

Miss Happy was delighted to see Bugs and Cuddles' interest in learning about the behavioural pattern of the cunning fox and what made people call him that.

Miss Happy mentioned how, eight years ago from the current date when they were having this conversation, in the year 2015, the Cunning Fox had carried chits with him in the examination hall and was caught red-handed.

Miss Happy further said, "You see, Bugs and Cuddles, bad news about one's character spreads like fire, while good news doesn't spread as quickly."

Everyone in school got to know about his cheating. Although this was his first time, people started to believe that he always ranked first because of this!

Everyone lost respect and love for him as he chose a cunning way to win!

The fox never cheated after that, and his scores are still the highest. However, his name got spoiled, and to this day, he couldn't change it from Cunning Fox to Smart Fox!

Moral of the story: "You can never win back lost trust."

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