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You cannot make your child creative until you do this activity with them!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We all want our kids to be brilliantly creative! So, does Mumma Panda want's Bugs and Cuddles to be!

So, Mumma Panda sets a test for Bugs and Cuddles to challenge their thinking patterns and encouraging them to explore new perspectives by conducting this activity for them!

One hot summer afternoon, Mumma Panda called Bugs and Cuddles in their living room and announced the exciting news to them!

Mumma Panda - “ I know you both have been waiting since the start of your vacation for our fun painting session and now your wait is over!” said Mumma Panda with a radiant smile.

Bugs and Cuddles were waiting for this session since the start of their vacation!

Mumma Panda quickly asked them to go through some inspirations today and find something inspiring to paint tomorrow!

By inspiring she meant something full of colors, vibrant a painting when you’ll see tomorrow it will reflect the same energy into their lives!

Mumma Panda did not throw her opinions on kids but simply wanted them to choose things they truly like without her interference!

A decision left over on their shoulders to take. A responsibility to make the painting inspiring assisted to them.

Bugs and Cuddles super elated went to take a stroll through the jungle. They were making notes & capturing mental pictures of the natural scenic beauty in their heads.

Bugs and Cuddles the next day got ready to start the day with their painting session. They were super excited to play with watercolors, try various color combinations and turn their painting into a marvel.

But well Mumma Panda had some other plans she surprised Bugs and Cuddles by giving them unique painting material to paint.

Mumma Panda gave the kids a pencil, one white bottle of paint, three vegetables- Corn, a lady finger and a beetroot, a few fruits like Jamun, Cranberry, mango & a strawberry with a smoothly shaped stone.

Bugs and Cuddles were astonished as they weren’t expecting these raw materials to paint. Their mind just couldn't work!

Mumma Panda then said to the kids- “ Well, this is all you have to complete your painting and present it to me within 3 hours! If you can complete this task of figuring out how to use these raw materials to paint then only I shall cook your favorite Happy steamy momo meal which you’ll like the most!”

This happy meal Bugs and Cuddles had to earn by their creative minds! Which they were wanting to have for a long time!

Now they were trying to understand the raw materials better! Rather than creating a fuss about having incomplete raw materials.

So there was a pencil without sharpened kept without a sharpener,

No eraser but a white bottle of paint,

No colors or paint brush but fruits and vegetables were kept,

No canvas but a flat square-shaped stone with smooth finishing was there!

Bugs and Cuddles After decoding the raw materials thought of making one painting together instead of two. So that they have enough time to brainstorm solutions and also collectively complete this painting wholeheartedly giving in their full potential.

Bugs however now got an idea and asked Cuddles “Let's paint the stone with white color first. So that the stone turns out to be our page”

To which Cuddles quickly replied- “ Then our white canvas would be ready to further paint!”

They both quickly used their hands to fill the stone with white color.

Now they wanted to draw something but the pencil they were using was a raw one!

After thinking for a long time cuddles realized that the sharpener has rough strong edges which can cut things!

Cuddles said to Bugs quickly “ Can we replace sharper with something more or equally sharp?”

Bugs replied- “ Only things that are sharp are an axe, a blade, and a knife! But an axe is too sharp for them to use and a knife Mumma Panda doesn’t allow them to even touch!”

Cuddles remembered she had a small cutter in the same room she used to use to cut pages for origami. She ran to get the cutter rapidly & then sharpened the pencil cutting the edges of the pencil’s wood.

“Wow, Bingo” exclaimed Cuddles feeling so proud of herself. As if they were the first person in this universe to find the alternate option!

Now about the fruits, well Bugs and Cuddles didn't have a hard time figuring that because they knew every time they ate these fruits they would spoil their clothes because of these fruit stains they would get tough scoldings from Mumma Panda and Mumma Giraffe.

So they quickly smashed the fruits the mangoes, Strawberries, Cranberries, and Jamuns in three different plates so that they don’t mix it!

They saw the colors and the situation they were in. The only inspiration for them at the moment was not to lose hope!

This reminded Cuddles of the Sun which always shows up even if things get haywire at times! So Bugs thought of making a painting showcasing the sunset which reminds them it’s okay if situations are bad today tomorrow will come with a new ray of hope again!

And now they were left to decode the vegetables! They used the raw corn’s hair as a paintbrush which was easy for them to guess that it could be used as a brush seeing the fresh corn bought but tough to use the corn hair as a brush as they aren’t much sturdy. However, they struggled but still managed to deal with it!

But Lady Finger? That was a bit tricky for Bugs and Cuddles to crack as it had no specific color. Cuddles asked Bugs to crack this they had to think of something out of the box beyond colors that’s when Cuddles realized the shape of the lady finger vegetable and planned to cut it into two pieces and use the pattern as a texture!

Where Bugs became even more creative & drew butterflies using ladyfinger patterns. Now they again smashed the beetroot but the kids were hungry by now they planned to eat beetroot instead use it for painting to keep them afresh!

The painting looked absolutely stunning at the end! Every fruit color was beautifully used and they made the most out of the white paint to add shadings and give a better water reflection effect to it.

The painting absolutely was filled with inspiration and just like Mumma Panda wanted if they see it tomorrow the energy of thinking out of the box and being a problem solver energy would be reflected through it!

Well, you see the painting wasn't just a task given by Mumma Panda to play with colors. But, also to help them understand the importance of resources and that every little material they used for painting earlier was valuable & had made their jobs so much easier!

Now in this task, they had to earn every little resource by creatively using their brains.

Additionally, Mumma Panda had set a time limit & reward for them to help them boost their creativity within a certain given time!

The task also made kids realize it’s okay if you don’t have something we can always try to come up with some alternative! This helps kids to not view a situation in the same particular way. It helped them to break traditional patterns and think out of the box!

Best giveaway- Mumma Panda didn’t instruct the kids what to do but allowed them to do whatever they wished following a particular theme. This bestowed the responsibility on them to choose the option right and build their decision-making skills!

In the end, Bugs and Cuddles finally earned their Happy Momo’s Meal!

Well, they hadn't just painted a beautiful sunset today but had learned a big lesson in life that is things in life don’t happen just in one way! There is never one solution but multiple only problem solvers can see multiple solutions!

And most importantly Bugs and Cuddles worked together as a team and didn’t try to compete with each other to do the task!

They gave the task more importance and coordinated well showcasing good leadership skills!

Also, when Bugs and Cuddles did realize their sky is different from others as they make things possible finding alternatives than relying on mainstream solutions!

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